(The next list contains all Kinds Of Great Books).


Harry Potter All Volumes.

Lord Of The Rings All Volumes.

Seventeen Again Movie.

The Satanic Bible.


The new 38 Ways of being right.

Games At work.

Hoe Word Ik een Rat?

Hoe Vang Ik een Rat?

Leren reflecteren. ( Learn To Reflect ).

Vergif. ( A history of Poison ).

The Prince.

The Art Of War.



Wicca Botanica

(A Self Soothing Herbs Guide ).

Bible (ONLY READ AFTER 4 Years of Magick Training upon )

( Its dangerous without Magickal Education )

A Guide To Freedom

All Materials of David Icke,

All Materials of Mark Passio.

All Materials of The Wizard Factory.

All Materials on the Persecutions by the Catholic Church.

( Cathars, Waldenze People and Witches and Wizards ).