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About Israel:



They say:

the God of Israël is Righteous.

Psalms 129 line 4.


Sadly Israël and Gaza are a mess.

We believe that This problem cannot be solved with Magick...


It can be with Love for your Neighbours...

No retaliation.

I Advise You to become a bit of a Buddhist...,

Bibi Netanyahu.


I Repell, and I Do Not attack The Palestinian Terror attacks.


When I am Enraged:


I Go to a Gym.

When I am sad, I cry alone at night.

When lost, I Admit I am Lost.

When Wrong, I Admit that I am Wrong.

I would not attack the Palestinians even when attacked myself.

Israel and the Palestinians are both right and both wrong.

Israel should find other ways than attacking Palestinians,

After being attacked by Palestinians themselves.

We hope it is possible to arrest every Hamas leader and put them in a high security Jail for life, without Israel attacking unneccesary Palestinians and Gazan infrastructure..


When attacked: 

take the week off and take no self declared justice called vengeance.


Revised story:

Vial 5.

Revelation 16:10-11